Inspiring those in hospital…

happy-daysA wish from someone in hospital…

All hospitals involve quite a bit of time waiting time. When away from home and without materials it can be hard to find ways to distract the mind from worry and get focused.  Few can read.  Materials, ideas and a bit of encouragement can help bring unexpected moments of joy and discovery. Even a piece of paper and a pencil can bring interest, conversation and delight. Here’s feedback from people in hospital about the difference this makes.

How did you feel before a session?

“get bored and alone – really horrible feeling”

“extremely underestimated – no one can underestimate how bad boredom is – how it makes you feel isolated – permanent state of anxiety”

How did a session help?

“a really welcome and joyful distraction from a rather serious business”

“very  helpful for mental stimulation – the environment is so bland and depressing – colour makes such a difference”

“feel connected with people and life”

“keeps you out of mischief”

“wanted to do more”

“took my mind away”

“a feeling of freedom”

“feels like I’m doing something useful”

“I feel fantastic”