Our aim is to create resources for anyone to download and use. In the long-term we want to learn more about boredom through research and share our findings. We’re also aiming to develop a range of imaginative ideas on how people, particularly in hospital, can be helped. What difference will it make?

We’re currently seeking funding.  For now we’re including a couple of resources below to get you started. Feel free to print out and give to someone in hospital, or do feel free to use anyway!  We want to hear your ideas as to what you think would help.

Resources to inspire…

Here are a few offerings:

Take a read of the a Zine ‘Boredom-19 Project‘ to inspire your creativity.


Surprising colouring in LB1 – print out and add your own colours to reveal intricate patterns in nature. A drawing created by Dr Lizzie Burns with more to come…  Adult colouring-in has become an acceptable way to enjoy getting focused and relax, and to enjoy the patterns that emerge. This has been used in hospital for all ages.  Any ideas what it is?

Take a look at ‘Incredible You‘ with drawings for adults for colouring to learn about our astonishing body.


Positive Origami by Zulay Newell  with huge thanks to Zulay from Mobile Craft 4U who has kindly assembled a treasure trove resource to inspire anyone to pick up paper and try something new. All you need is a square of paper and be willing to give yourself the opportunity to give it a go…

Discover the simple joy and focus of paper folding. Where could it bring you?

A little booklet to inspire: print out and give to someone in hospital:

Anti-boredom – booklet 1

Understanding boredom

Normally transient, boredom helps guide and motivates us to do something else, to make changes or simply to get up and move somewhere else. We may not even be aware of it but where confined, people can quickly become bored and frustrated.  Time can start to go slowly.  At home or at work we usually find things to do, but once confined in hospital, or during lockdown options for adults can be lacking.  Few can focus on reading. Time is precious, and opportunities to combat boredom and moments of joy can be so appreciated.

Understanding boredom briefly Dr Lizzie Burns – A two page summary of some of the latest relevant thoughts from research can be downloaded.  Much more to come!