Our mission

  • Raise awareness and understanding of boredom – the problem and how to overcome
  • Spark collaborative research into boredom in hospitals. What difference could opportunities make? Could counteracting boredom affect: pain, distress, mood, depression, fatigue, recovery, interactions with staff, understanding and being able to care for yourself better in hospital?
  • Create novel, inspiring and beautiful resources for adults.

Not just things to do – but things to inspire

Time is precious

Turn waiting into an opportunity… 

Combat loneliness– creativity can bring people together, and allows alone time to become an opportunity to express your own thoughts and discover what you can do…

We don’t always know what will help us when we’re bored… we can all need a helping hand sometimes with some inspiration to pull us out of a pit of boredom…

We all have different things that interest us..  What would be your ‘Anti-boredom’?

Here’s our first ABC booklet! Feel free to download, print out and give to someone in hospital…  or bring on a journey or somewhere where you may have long waits…  Simply print, cut in half and staple at the top.. Start getting inspired!

Anti-boredom – booklet 1

AB booklet image

More will appear with with funding…